Why is Tennessee the “Volunteer State?”

If you’re a Tennessean, you know you’re a Volunteer even if you don’t wear orange on Game Day Saturdays (I don’t). Personally, I grew up in Indiana and moved to Nashville in 2002. Growing up in Indiana, there is certainly some debate on what a Hoosier or Pacer represents. But for now, let’s look at … Continue reading Why is Tennessee the “Volunteer State?”

Why is Nashville the “It” city?

Is it the music, food, professional sports, central location or the fact it’s a state capital that makes Nashville the “It” city?  I say “Yes” to all the above... but there's more. Setting economics aside, (which is generally what triggers most articles about Nashville), let’s examine an overview of some of the variables. It’s hard … Continue reading Why is Nashville the “It” city?

2018 Planning #3: Savings Ideas

The first quarter of the year is an ideal opportunity for savers, investors, homeowners, etc. to implement some minor money moves that could result in a major savings (short term and long term). Below are 10 key items to consider: #1: Think about increasing your monthly workplace retirement plan contributions or maxing out your IRA(s) … Continue reading 2018 Planning #3: Savings Ideas

2018 Planning #2: Business Entertainment Deductions, FRM vs ARM

Continuing my theme of financial planning recommendations, this week we’ll examine one of the new tax provisions specific to business entertainment. I will also break down the debate between choosing a fixed-rate mortgage versus an adjustable-rate mortgage.   Business Entertainment Deductions- As I have mentioned in the past, the recent tax reform is nothing simple. … Continue reading 2018 Planning #2: Business Entertainment Deductions, FRM vs ARM

2018 Planning #1: Saving, Investing, and Home Equity

Live below your means- How much do you save per month?   Generations ago, Americans routinely saved 10% or more of what they made, either depositing those savings or investing them. This kind of thriftiness is still found elsewhere in the world. Today, the average euro area household saves more than 12% of its earnings, … Continue reading 2018 Planning #1: Saving, Investing, and Home Equity