The landscape of our communities has changed: cultural diversity is in. Big employer or small employer; it really doesn’t matter. Today’s clientele and reaching them with relevant products and services goes well beyond language barriers. Cultural understanding, education, and product customization is essential for diversifying your client base. Nearly two years ago I met Miguel … Continue reading Diversity

Mortgage Rates and Buying Behaviors

As mortgage rates rise, I am commonly asked, “Has business slowed down?” While business has NOT slowed down, it does beg the question, “What impact does higher interest rates have on buying behaviors?” Let’s examine this for a few minutes. In 2003, a nationally recognized articled explained the top five reasons for refinancing were the … Continue reading Mortgage Rates and Buying Behaviors

Property Taxes – a general overview of the what, why, and how.

If you look at property tax rates by state across the country and delve even more deeply into rates by individual county in each state, you might be surprised at what you find. First, the National Association of Home Builders research, looking at property tax rates across the United States, found property tax rates differ … Continue reading Property Taxes – a general overview of the what, why, and how.